Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pictures from Discover Water Day - June 2010

Thanks to all our volunteers. See you next time! :-)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Come See us at the Water Discovery Days at Dallas Museum of Science - June 12th

We will have tables at the Water Discovery event at the Dallas Museum of Science. June 12 - Saturday from 10am - 6pm
Come see most native aquatic turtles.
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June 12: Discover Water

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Sometimes it’s OK to go with the flow. But when it comes to understanding and conserving our most precious resource, it’s time to turn the tide. Join us for an aquatic afternoon where you’ll learn some valuable water-wise tips—along with some interesting facts about the scientific properties of water that just may surprise you.

All activities and demonstrations 10am-6pm unless otherwise noted

Demonstrations and Activities*

Aquatic Turtles
Check out some of nature's cutest aquatic critters and learn about responsible turtle ownership! Presented by DFW Turtle & Tortoise Club.

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