Wednesday, September 12, 2007

DFWTTC @ Dallas Museum of Nature & Science - Thank You

Our 1st event in Dallas Museum of Nature & Science this past weekend turned out great and we had lots of visitors, handed out many care sheets and I have heard many interesting questions and statements about turtles I'll share later when I will remember. :-)

I would like to thank to Glenn and Judy for taking their time and animals to the event.
Glenn's 90 lb baby Sulcata Dozer was a huge success. Kids were following him all over the place. One of the amusing questions about Dozer was: "Is that a snapping turtle?"

Judy brought her 30 gal tank with 3 RES from baby to almost fully
grown female. It drawn quite a bit attention since people did not want
to believe how much their tiny slider will grow in just 3 years.

One of my pet peeve answers to -- what kind of turtle do you have? -- was -- I don't know. !!!!!! I almost fainted when I heard it and not only once.

Thank you again and I hope to do another event soon. It's really fun to see the kids happy and excited seeing so many kinds of turtles and trying to learn about them.


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